“After” Words

Jul 13, 2013

BookCoverImage-210after iris

So I’m reading the New York Times book review today and guess what? Natasha Farrant’s published a middle grade novel called After Iris about a girl whose twin sister has died. Almost the same title, same subject matter as After Isaac, my young adult book. But I’m not going to be jealous or upset or paranoid—insert the negative emotion of your choice. It would be sort of unseemly when the books are about the devastating loss of a child. (I do want to note, though, that the heroine of Farrant’s book is named–and no excuse because the author’s British–Bluebell.) My husband—glass half-full guy–says maybe it’s a good thing the other book is out there, maybe there will be some interest sloshing over onto my novel. And here’s my not-so-secret hope–people will get the titles mixed up and buy After Isaac by mistake.